Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Mexican" Pizza

This is a recipe I stole from a friend. It combines the best of two of our favorite dinners: Pizza and nachos.
For starters, my favorite Pizza dough:

Quick Pizza Dough
(Makes 2 pizzas)

1t sugar
1c warm water
3c unbleached flour
1 packet active dry yeast
1t salt
2T olive oil

In a large bowl, dissolve sugar into water then sprinkle the yeast over the top. Let stand 10 minutes or until it has developed a good foam. Stir oil into yeast water then incorporate half or more of the flour and salt until a sticky ball forms. Knead dough with leftover flour mixture. Knead about 5 minutes. Cut in half, cover and let rise 10 minutes. Roll each ball into desired shape for your pizza. Let rise 15 minutes before adding toppings. Bake at 450 degrees for 10-15 minutes. It should be solid on the bottom but not overcooked.

Here's the part my friend contributed:
Mexican Pizza

1 pizza dough
1/2 lb ground turkey or beef
Taco seasoning
1 can pinto beans
Fiesta blend cheese

Brown the ground meat and incorporate taco seasoning as indicated on the packaging. Let cool slightly. Mush the pinto beans and spread on pizza dough. Sprinkle meat on top. Top with cheese.
She incorporated lots of other things to spice it up. She uses pintos with jalapenos in it and puts peppers on top. Since I'm cooking for a young crowd who aren't all crazy for hot stuff, we skipped the extra spices and it turned out great! I was skeptical but the tastes together worked out really well. A big thank you to my friend Lyndsay!


Amber said...

That looks delish! Think we'll give it a try!

Leslie said...

yummo..I love Mexican Pizza!!!
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